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Fun Fins

Healing with ART
UNDER CONSTRUCTION but feel free to look around

As part of my search in finding a cure for the recurrent ovarian cancer I have I learned about the alternative and or layered treatment approach of art. 

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Fun Fins answered

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What Are Fun Fins ?

Fun Fins are unique one of a kind hand-painted fish creations by artist Wendy Trent.  Each is a unique fish piece that represents the fun, creative side to Wendy's wacky palette ! Most fish are created from items that were repurposed, refurbished, up-cycled, recycled or remade into aquatic works of art. Nothing stuffy, these fun fish will surely brighten your day !

Why Fun Fins ?

Fun Fins were born out of a desire by Wendy to express the good in her life, and to help deal with, and alternatively fight Ovarian Cancer, through healing with art. 

Know this about Ovarian Cancer:

All cancers suck, but Ovarian cancer is especially sucky, because there are often no signs of it, until after it has spread outside of the ovaries.  It is important to learn the early signs of it. To learn more, visit National Ovarian Cancer  Coalition.